Houston, We Have Some Problems

"Hi Again.  Something I said?  Hows your luck so far?"

Oh yes…. Twinkle-toes.

Apparently that fantastic “block from contact” feature is actually code for: “this person can still contact you.”
At least DELETE still seems to work…

I also received the following text message today:
"When are you going to sit on me?"
...Excuse me?  This is from D_Licious.  Keep in mind we've had no contact in a week.  It was followed up almost instantly with, "Oh, sorry.  That was for my friend who's name is next to yours in my phone.  He and I have an inside joke."  First of all - you sent that message to a dude???  And second - enter in to evidence Exhibit 87 for the case of: Why I Don't Give Out My Phone Number.

The other problem I’m having is too many men, and too little time.  Woe is me, right?? But it’s really becoming a predicament. I’m a busy girl.  I have a full-time job, I’m in grad school part-time, I’m active and make time every day to either run, go to the gym, or practice yoga.  By the time I log on to the website and delete all the unwanted emails, winks, interested-s, etc., I’m about at my limit of computer face-time.  But I carry on, and get down to business checking out legitimate prospects and responding to emails.  Its hard to try to get to know someone through emails and to get a feel for personalities, hobbies, and social life.  I can’t keep track of who’s who.  I have to go back and re-stalk their profiles and pictures to refresh my memory as to which guy likes gangster rap, which one does triathlons, which one had the weird picture of himself sitting in a church alone (*note to self – ask him about this).  So back to the emails.  Once you’ve had 3 or 4 going back and forth, you kind of want to just meet the guy already.  I haven’t figured out if it’s appropriate for the girl to ask the guy out though?  Normally I’m not one for old-school dating protocol (see: Chivalry is Dead), but for some reason even in this passive-aggressive online forum, I feel like the guy should be the first to suggest the face-to-face.

So, to help myself out and to give you a little preview of potential upcoming dates, here are some of the most promising prospects:

MidWestCoast – If I had a type simply based on attraction, this guy would do it for me. Hes originally from the Midwest, but grew up on the West coast. He seems very blunt and honest, and wrote excessively in his profile, but he seems genuine. We like that.

Wildcat (thank you, Sandra Bullock, for the nickname idea) – He works out, he’s cute, tall, blonde, used to play baseball, and likes basketball.  Seems very ‘good-natured southern-boy-ish’

Cowboy Hat – This guy intrigues me. He likes country music, line dancing, and told me he’d rather stay home and work on his truck than go to a cheesy bar.  But he’s all over the place.  Seems very active.  Used to race cars, but actually seems to be able to have a conversation.  Hmm…

The Doctor – Ok, he’s wearing scrubs in his picture.  I guess guys do this to try and give themselves an edge?  I have no idea what kind of doctor, where he works, or if it’s just a joke and this is a picture from Halloween last year.  But he’s from Chicago, one of my most favorite cities, and loves sports.  He has me interested in at least finding out more.

White Belt Guy – Has resumed text message conversations, and we have a date this Saturday.  However, one of his last texts to me said, “are you a fan of wearing heels and getting your nails done?”  What is this straight-man obsession with mani/pedis!?  I told him that I do those things occasionally, but not regularly.  I hope that’s not a deal breaker.  But you won't see me  wearing heels to a hockey game, sorry.

And one more problem… I’ve exchanged some emails with guys who have awesome personalities that I have a lot in common with, but I know I’m not attracted to.  I’m a firm believer in physical attraction.  I understand we’ll be wrinkly and grey-haired some day, but we’re not now.  And if I don’t want to make out with you, then we can’t have a relationship.  So – what do I do? Be rude and just not email them back anymore?  Or be honest and say hey, I think you’re awesome but I don’t want to date you.  We can be friends though?  Sadly, according to my internet-dating-catalyst friend J, hanging out with my male friends is what has prevented me from meeting someone in the first place.  Perhaps I don't need more of them.   

I’m going to be single forever.