Over the B.S.

So... I have a date tomorrow.  Yikes!

I am uncharacteristically nervous about it.  I think it involves a fear of being judged.  This guy has already told me that his online dating experiences haven't gone that well because the girls never look like their pictures when he meets them in person.  Great.  No pressure.  It's not like I put up pictures of myself from when I was 21 and had blonde hair, but still...  And I really can't hold it against him for judging, since I'm doing the same thing.  Is he really going to be 6'2"?  And based on his pictures I'm not even sure who I'm meeting.  A few pictures show him in normal button-down-shirt attire, but there is another showing him in a t-shirt with some kind of large emblem on it, tucked in to his jeans, complete with a white belt.  I am giving him the benefit of the doubt because at least he HAS a shirt on... but I really hope button-down guy shows up tomorrow instead of accessorized dude.  And what am I going to wear?  No idea.  I really am over the BS 'dress to impress' mindset that is so rampant in this city.  I realize you want to make a good first impression, but I don't want to be something I'm not either.  Can't I just wear my standard jeans and tank top and say, "this is me, take it or leave it?"  Don't worry... I'll at least wear heels.   

And another thing...  If Family Feud ever asked the question, "What are the reasons someone would try online dating?"  the number 1 answer would be: "I'm over the Bar Scene." 

Other popular answers would include: I'm looking for a nice girl/guy, I'm new to town, or, I'm a gold-digger so I like to be able to search by salary.  Ok - no one actually wrote the last one, but I'm sure people do it.  I agree with being over the bar scene.  I didn't write it in my profile though, because it's still something I do.  When you are a single person in a semi-big city, what else do you do on a Friday or Saturday night?  Occasionally go to a movie, a nice dinner, a baseball game, a comedy club, someone's house to play board games?  All totally viable, entertaining alternatives.  Except... aren't there movie theaters that have bars in them now?  Restaurants, sports venues, comedy clubs, and even some people's dining rooms have bars in them.  You're still technically not getting away from it.  So white-belt guy (who indicates in his profile that he is tired of trying to meet girls in bars) was emailing me about getting together and where we should meet.  And he suggests... a local bar. 

I'm going to be single forever.