The Blog Made Me Do It

In keeping with the crazy theme, I did another crazy thing.

But this time it was 100% intentional.  It was not something I would normally ever do, and I knew it was ridiculous as I was doing it.  But I thought - hey, I can write about it, and it could be a really funny story.  And if anyone ever calls me out on my crazy-ness, I can just say, "the blog made me do it."  It was for entertainment and research purposes.  The blog gives me an excuse to do things. It’s like my own version of liquid-courage… without the extra calories.  I kinda like this idea.

I've gone to the same gym for about 8 years.  In that time, it's gotten me a whopping two dates and a lot of good friends.  Time for a change, perhaps.  So I cancelled my membership.  Last week it officially ended.  And on the last day I was there, working on sprint intervals like a crazy-person at 6am, listening to Kelly Clarkson tell me that what doesn't kill me makes me stronger, I happened to zone in on a guy that I usually see most mornings.  He was doing some ab exercises and just happened to lift his shirt to wipe off his face at the exact time I looked over.  Um, when did this guy that I’ve seen 100 times before become sexy?  Perfect timing for me to decide to be interested, seeing as how this was my last day in that gym and I'd probably never see him again.  What to do…?  The only thing a sane, slightly bored, blog-writing single girl should do.  Write your name and number on a post it, and tell the girl at the front desk to give it to him.  (I told her to ask if he was single first, of course).  She looked at me like I was insane.  Its been a few days and I have no idea if she actually did it or not.  I guess I'll know if I get a random call or text from someone named Will.  Which, by the way, is the only thing I know about him.

Over the weekend I was at my favorite non-chain coffee shop doing some homework and minding my own business.  The only table left was a slightly bigger one, but I needed the room for my ipad, laptop, and textbook so I took it.  About 30 minutes after I started working, this old man rode in and asked if he could park at my table.  Yes, rode in.  He was in one of those electronic wheelchair contraptions.  Of course I told him he could.  He was so old and innocent and I felt bad for him.  But I really had a lot to do and was clearly trying to focus, and he wanted to chat.  He asked me a few questions and I answered politely but briefly.  He told me he was 70 years old, separated from his wife, and had two daughters around my age who were successful but lived away from him.  He wouldn’t stop talking and I didn’t want to be rude so I had to get up and leave or I was never going to get anything done.  As I was throwing my bag over my shoulder he says, "so, can I buy you a glass of wine sometime?"


There is a book out that my friends keep ‘suggesting’ that I read.  It's called The Year of Yes.  Apparently it is about a single girl who is told she might be "too picky."  So she agrees that for 1 year she will say yes to any person who asks her out on a date.  Rich, poor, short, tall, young, old.  It sounds like an interesting concept that could make for some good stories and help me keep an open mind.  And I'm getting really in to using the blog as an excuse to do things I normally wouldn't.  But I looked this old man in the face and just said "no."  No excuse, no reasons.  Just no.  I'd rather sit home alone every Friday night for the next year waiting for Will to call.

I'm going to be single forever.