To Reach, Or Not To Reach?

Ah, yes.  Now I remember why I don't like dating.  It's AWKWARD. 


Even if it ends up going well - which I think last night did - there are so many aspects of the whole process that are just uncomfortable.  So White Belt Guy and I decided where we were meeting and what time.  He asked if I wanted to meet outside the restaurant.  (We were just having a drink at the bar).  Ok... I guess I'll meet you outside?  Is that normal?  Whatever.  So he texts me about 10 minutes before we were supposed to meet and says, "What will you be wearing princess?"  Princess???  Ugh.  So I responded with "a tiara."  


It was raining when I got there, so I just walked in.  Good thing, because he was already sitting at the bar.  I didn't have to ask him what he'd be wearing.  I've seen 7 pictures of the guy, and he was sitting at the bar alone.  Not exactly a Sherlock Holmes worthy deduction.  So I walk over to the empty chair next to him and tap him on the shoulder to get his attention, and he gets up and gives me a hug.  Apparently this is normal and standard, but I am not used to being hugged by people I've only known for 3 seconds so forgive me for being uncomfortable with it.  Oh - and this is also the instant when I realize he is not 6 feet tall.  Not even close.  Grr.  But he was taller than me in heels which is my requirement, so I let it go.  I know we must have had good conversation, because it took me over an hour to finish 1 glass of wine.  That might be a first.  (Yes - I had 2 before I got there - but that's not the point).  We were there for almost 3 hours.  And then the bartender brings over the check.  I don't date often, but the times I have, I always at least reach for my purse and offer to help pay.  For some reason I didn't last night.  And I felt horrible.  I'm sure he wouldn't have let me, and I know there are other girls that just expect that the guy will pay, but I just didn't feel right about it. 


Then we move on to the "I'll walk you to your car" portion of the evening.  It makes me laugh every time.  I actually laughed in a guy's face once when reached in to kiss me at the end of the date because it was so cliché it reminded me of a scene from the movie Hitch.  So WBG walks me to my car, we both say we had a good time, he asks if he can see me again, blah blah blah.  And then he reached in and went for it.  In the parking garage.  With people and cars driving around.  It's not that I didn't want to kiss him, but I don't need an audience!  So that didn't last long.  But I decided he can have a second date. 


In other news:  Twinkle-toes emailed AGAIN.  This time the subject said "Hi" and the email said "Knock Knock..."

Good Lord I hope he's trying to tell me a joke, and not telling me he's figured out where I live and he's standing outside my door... 


I'm going to be single forever.




PS:  He was not wearing a white belt  :)