Well I'll Be D@mned...

After my last post, I did decide to email my ex through the website. 
It said something along the lines of, “Ha!  they think we’re a match!  I’m surprised to see you on here.  how long have you been trying this?  what do you think?” 

Innocent enough, right?  Well he didn’t write back.  First of all, that’s not like him.  And second, it made me mad.  Is he ignoring me on purpose?  Why?  My email was lighthearted and not accusatory or trying to make fun of him or anything.  Is he embarrassed?  Who knows.  So – I decided to text him.  Here is our exchange:

Me:  “are you ignoring my email on purpose?”
Him:  “what email?”
Me:  “the one on the dating website…?”
Him:  “I cancelled my account last year before I went on vacation.  But I’ve been getting winks and message lately to my home email.  I can’t read them or see pictures though.” 
Me:   “…wait, really?  you actually cancelled your account and are not an active member anymore?”
Him.  “yes that is correct.  I’m on plenty of fish now but I’m not trying very hard to find anyone.”

Well I’ll be d@mned.  

What a SCAM!!!  I double checked and sure enough, his profile actually says he’s "online now!”  Here are my thoughts, in no particular order:

-Are you kidding me???
-Well that explains why half the guys I’ve winked at haven’t responded
-How have they been getting away with this?
-I can’t be the first person who has figured this out?
-Who do I contact to complain?
-The ex could be lying, but he has no reason to?  And he admitted to being on another site, so that makes no sense. 

As if I wasn’t skeptical enough already.  What a joke. 

The other day I got a text from one of my girlfriends saying, “Ok long story but last night I was telling one of our clients about your blog over dinner.  So today I had to email it to all the guys I work with so they could read it.  They think it’s  hilarious and haven’t worked all day.”   Apparently one of the guys decided to forward it to a friend in NY who is on some dating website there.  Then I get a follow up text from my friend saying, “The guy in NY wants your email address.  Can we give it to him?”  Um…  ok?  I don’t have any interest in dating someone who lives in a different state, but I’ll play along.  I assumed she had already given it to him anyway.  That night I got home to find his email waiting…

“Hi there,
I’ve been a friend of Paul’s for a long time, and I’ve met your friend a few times.  She said it would be ok for me to email you.  I really liked your blog and I found your posts entertaining.  You seem quite sensible in your dating approach and I'd value an unbiased opinion.  Do you have 5 minutes to scan through my profile?  To save you time, I will omit all photos of me holding tiny fish.  Thanks.  (FlatIron0181).”

Well I’ll be d@mned... 

They weren’t trying to set us up.  And… really?  After reading my blog this guy wants me to critique his?  And, like, be honest?  (unbiased.  haha!)  It means I have to create a profile on another website, but its free so I don’t mind.  I’m not going to post pictures or anything.  And this might be fun :)  I could quite possibly have a new career opportunity here. 

I definitely have the time – since I’m going to be single forever…