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This Isn't A Travel Blog

Well, it was never supposed to be. We’re not travel “experts,” we just like to go a lot of places. As often as possible. You can’t become an expert on a place just by spending a week there, so while we do check out other travel blogs before we go, we love getting advice from locals. And if you know me, you know I love having way-too-intimate conversations with strangers.

Everyone’s travel habits and preferences are different. We aren’t foodies, and don’t stay in fancy hotels. But we also haven’t mastered the art of camping yet, and would most likely not survive if we attempted to live in a van together. So, we’re somewhere in-between.

The top things we look for when visiting any destination are: hikes, some kind of unique local history, what we can do in x city that we can’t do anywhere else, rooftop bars, cat cafe’s, and searching for the elusive avocado margarita. Always living by the (now cliché) statement: Experiences, not things. 

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