Road Trips

“Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.”



A little about us, our travel style, and how we plan.

Our first trip in 2015 took us around the whole state of Colorado. We made a lot of it up along the way, and  loved stumbling on cool small towns and taking the roads-less-traveled. 

Since then we’ve planned our U.S. trips around seeing all of the National Parks. We also started a “skipping Thanksgiving” tradition, using that time to go somewhere international.

We stay in hotels because we haven’t mastered the art of camping, and our relationship might not survive an RV. We’re not foodies, and we’re not fancy. One of us loves mountains while the other prefers ‘urban hiking.’ We’re constantly trying to learn Spanish, always on the hunt for a good margarita, and we will always make time for a cat café.   

This was never meant to be a travel blog. We only want to share our travel research, experience, and mishaps to help others who share the love of travel and adventure.


We’re happy to help. If you want more detail about one of  our trips, or just want some guidance planning your own, we’re here to support your adventure-seeking spirit.