Self-Help Spotlight: Binge-Watch These Videos to Improve Mental Health

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“If you're not listening, you're not learning.”

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Lyndon B. Johnson

Life throws curveballs. Sometimes, anxiety and stress feel out of control, relationships hit rocky patches, and depression casts a heavy shadow. We all deserve support, but what if therapy feels out of reach? Maybe the cost is prohibitive, or perhaps the thought of opening up to a stranger just makes your insecurity worse. Maybe you’ve turned to social media, only to be overwhelmed with questionable advice from untrustworthy sources. Fear not, friend! We’ve got you.

Join Esther, Brené, and the rest of the gang below for a treasure trove of free, bite-sized wisdom. TED Talks, unlike the often-unverified snippets on social media, offer evidence-based insights and research-backed strategies from leading psychologists, neuroscientists, and wellness advocates. This is binge-watching that won’t leave you feeling guilty. These world-renowned experts become your virtual therapists, guiding you through life’s labyrinthine paths with compassion and insight. No pressure, no judgment, just raw, powerful insights delivered by brilliant minds.

So whether you’re curled up on the couch, lacing up your shoes for a run, sitting in the car-line at school, or popping in your “don’t-talk-to-me” headphones pre-flight, prepare to be empowered. Your mental health marathon starts now. 


Making Relationships Work

John & Julie Gottman: A 4-part series 

The Anatomy Of Trust

Brené Brown (full version available at SuperSoul Sessions.

The New Frontier Of Sex & Intimacy

Dr. Sue Johnson

Desire In Long Term Relationships

(The Master) Esther Perel

Dr. Sue Johnson

More to come...

What videos would you recommend?

Emotional Intelligence

There's More To Life Than Being Happy

Emily Esfahani Smith

Personal Growth

Yesss, I know there is some controversy surrounding Jonah Hill. But his therapist, Phil Stutz, offers candid wisdom and unique tools in this Netflix documentary. 

What would you recommend?


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