Santa Fe, NM

A Weekend Trip To Santa Fe

Hiking and hot peppers, adobe architecture and smart people. Santa Fe is not to be missed on your Southwest travel agenda. 

As aspiring speakers of Spanish, we liked learning that Santa Fe means “holy faith.” And fun fact – it is actually the oldest capital city in the United States. You could spend a whole weekend devouring this city, especially if you’re in to food. And art. But since my adventure-loving travel partner has zero interest in museums, we had to opt out of Santa Fe’s over 250 galleries. But I snuck away for a solo visit to the O’Keeffe museum. I couldn’t not. Below are some of our highlights, and itinerary of Santa Fe and surrounding points of interest.  


Los Alamos

A short (scenic) drive from Santa Fe. Los Alamos is where the atomic bomb was developed, and currently remains a world renowned hot spot for science and tech research. 

My Future Employer

A personal goal of mine – to one day contribute something relevant enough to the adventure community to have it published in Outside Magazine. #lifegoals

Get Outside

Santa Fe and it’s surrounding areas have some great outdoor recreational options. 


DAY 1:

  • Stop in Las Vegas, NM to check out the  Historic Plaza Hotel – original structure build in 1625 and was a hacienda housing one of Santa Fe’s oldest families. Also known for the spot Teddy Roosevelt announced his intention to run for president. 
  • Stop for a drink at Evangelo’s – A “must” – especially for live music lovers, according to one of our family members who lived in Santa Fe for years.  
  • Dinner at Pajarito in Los Alamos (attempt to have conversations with people at the bar who might be Einstein level scientists) 

DAY 2:

  • Check out White Rock Overlook for some incredible views of the landscape
  • Head to Valles Caldera National Preserve to check out the Valle Grande Overlook – an area formed by a supervolcano eruption
  • Wander Santa Fe’s Historic Plaza
  • Check out the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum
  • Drinks/Lunch at Ortiz and BOXCAR
  • Walk over to Outside Magazine’s headquarters… just because it’s there

DAY 3:

  • Explore Taos
  • Drinks at Adobe Bar
  • Lunch at Doc Martin’s
  • Stop at Rio Grande Gorge Bridge – Because Brandon wants to walk across the 10 highest bridges in the U.S. 
Santa Fe

Where We Stayed

  • Hamton Inn Los Alamos
    • This hotel was a little more affordable than the Hilton Santa Fe, and we wanted to check out Los Alamos anyway

How To Get Around

  • Santa Fe itself is very walkable
  • Rent a car (to drive to neighboring cities or hikes)
  • Check  out their website for additional info

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