Kansas City, MO

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In the land of famous BBQ, jazz history, countless breweries, and sports fanatics,  you’ll be hard-pressed to find down time (unless you’re dying of heat exhaustion). 

Kansas City is HOT. Being from Florida we assume we can handle most other temperatures, but this was on another level. We visited over 4th of July weekend 2018. We usually opt to tour any city on foot, but this was the first time – ever – that we cut the adventure short to go back to our air-conditioned hotel room. We did get some exploring in over our 4 day stay, and it’s definitely worth the visit. Just make sure to get some electrolytes in between brewery tours. 

Kansas City's many nicknames

kansas city

Kansas City Live!

Among KC’s many nicknames is the “Jazz Capital of the World.” With it’s rich history, you’ll have no trouble finding live music venues.   

kansas city

The Food (obviously)

Most locals will go to battle with you on this one.  Kansas Citians consider their home to be the “Barbeque Capital of the World.” 

kansas city

Fountain Facts

Believe it or not, it’s also referred to as the “Fountain Capital of the World.” Many will tell you they have even more than Rome.

Don't forget the sports.

A city of die-hard fans, they have no shortage of teams to follow:

kansas city

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