why you should visit curacao In the land of flamingos, Papiamentu, and turquoise blue beaches (and a delicious liquor to match), what’s not to love? Bon bini, and welcome to the enchanting island of Curacao (pronounced Cure-uh-sowe).  Here you can see unique architecture, climb a mountain, do some underwater adventuring, chat with people who speak […]

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Minneapolis, MN

10,000 reasons to visit minneapolis in the summer Minneapolis gets a (possibly justified) bad rap for it’s arctic winter temps, but this city is alive and amazing in the summertime.  They aren’t lying when they say Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and Minneapolitans definitely take advantage of them whenever possible. Boats, kayaks and

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Des Moines, IA

Things to do in des moines “Is this heaven?” “No, it’s Iowa” Me fulfilling a childhood dream The actual filming location for the movie Field of Dreams is in Dyersville, which is about 3 hours from Des Moines. We couldn’t make it that far out of our way on this road trip, but there was

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Grand Junction, CO

the colorado city we kind of want to keep a secret Amazing hiking AND wineries (with cats).  We’re not really sure why GJ hasn’t exploded as a Colorado hot-spot, but we’re OK with the less-trafficked experience this city offers. “But, why?” When we tell people we’ve considered moving to Grand Junction, the most common response

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